About me/intent

I desire to know the Lord more and more intimately through His Infallible Word. I aim to be a Disciple (learner) of God the Father in Jesus Christ. Most blog entries will be insights of passages, and some personal reflection. Eventually, I would like to start purposefully commentating through the New Testament. I will also post textual criticism research, along with Koine Greek study.

A few things I believe:

  • I believe the Word of God is God breathed (2 Tim. 3:16), where inspired is too weak of a term. The Holy Spirit speaks through His servants in their voices.
  • I believe the Word of God is infallible and perfect, so perfect it’s human proof. Differences between manuscripts, no matter how numerous, do not change the Good News. (I think Only-isms [in regards to versions] are dangerous and lead to dissension.)
    • NOTE: Obvious translations that ignore the original language are excluded from this statement (e.g. New World Translation, which ignores the deity of Christ).
  • With the Holy Spirit and an open heart anyone can understand scripture.

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